Distribution/Supplier: Boone Electric Cooperative
Phone Number: 573-449-4181
On Site: Provided to Terminal-Box On Site 
Primary Voltage-kV: 0.00
Phase: Three phase installed to your junction box.
Electric utility installation for your facility: Provided to Terminal-Box On Site
Boone Electric will work with your architect to determine system requirements and location for the service-entrance to your facility. They will then specify and install the components to complete the service to your facility. 
Natural Gas:
Distribution/Supplier: Ameren Services
On Site: In Process Ameren has installed a 10" High Pressure line along the west boundary of our park.  A Regulator Station is also being installed on our SE corner to service our sites.
Provider: CenturyTel: 573-886-3308
Distribution/Supplier: Water Service District #1
Phone Number: 573-449-0324
On Site: Yes
Water Main (Inches): 4.0
Service Line (Inches): 4.0
Peak Capacity at Plant per Day (Gallons): 1.5 million gals, Pressure zone 6
Private Well: No
Distribution/Supplier: City of Ashland
Phone Number: 573-657-2568
On Site: Yes
Sewer Main (Inches): 0.0
Service Line (Inches): 3.0
Septic Tank: Positive Pressure System
Nearest Interstate:   I-70 Interstate 70
Distance (Miles):      11.6 miles 10.00
Nearest 4 Lane Highway:    Hwy. 63 US 63
Distance (Miles):                   1/4 mile 0..25
17 miles south to Highway 54
72 miles South to Interstate 44
Nearest General Aviation Airport:     Columbia Regional Airport Columbia Regional Airport
Distance (Miles):                                  1 mile 1.00
Nearest Commercial Airport:              Columbia Regional Airport Columbia Regional Airport
Distance (Miles):                                  1 mile 1.00
Rail Served: Unknown
Rail Spur On-Site: Unknown
Service Type: None
Barge Access on Site: No
Depth of Channel (Feet): 0.00
Crane Capacity (Tons): 0.0