Some Ideal Business Types For This Park
     Ideal for marketing to a broader Mid-Missouri customer
     & client base, including:
- Regional Manufacturing
      - Plastics
      - Packaging
      - Food
- Medical equipment
- Scientific instruments
- Selected biotech
- Data centers
- Service Center
- Service based Businesses
- Back offices
      - Shared Services
      - Financial services
      - IT support
- Distribution
      - Food / Restaurant
      - Medical Supplies
      - Aviation / Airport
- Regional Office
- Condo
- Sales based Businesses

Operate your business from a single facility central to your Mid-Missouri market.  Expand your customer base with less facility, tax, lease and payroll related cost. Improve your bottom line by operating from a central location.

Your Building could be exclusively for your use or you could erect a Commercial / Industrial Condo to bring an additional income stream and possibly  to expand into later as needed.