Colombia Regional Airport
               Master Expansion Plan
Economic Development and Airport Growth
The airport has began implementation of its $64M Master Development Plan.  These improvements include larger airport facilities and will enable handling of more and larger aircraft for both cargo and passenger traffic.
MODOT has begun improvements to Hwy-63 at the Columbia Regional Airport. These improvements will include a new overpass at the main entrance at Hwy-H. This work is to improve traffic safety and navigation of larger vehicles entering and exiting the airport is to be completed late 2012.
A Federal Aviation Administration grant of $28.5 million is being awarded to the city in September for a $28.5 million runway makeover, starting next spring.
Regional business will begin to originate and grow from the center, making it more economical and profitable to maintain a larger area of influence with a greater number of customers or clients.
  Columbia Regional Airport Expansion
   Approved by Columbia City Council, October 19, 2009
Upgrading the Airport Capability to:
     - Operate larger aircraft, with longer runways
     - Improve passenger & transport services        
     - Bring additional business opportunities to the area